1. Prohibits anyany modifications or changes in the uTorrent settings.
    2 warnings, loss of account without refund.

  2. Categorical ban on smuggling from polish trackers, then the server is banned for traker and is useless.
    If found, your account is immediately remove without notice and refund.

  3. It is prohibited to use on the public account trackerach.
    2 warnings, loss of account without refund. If you need to consult with the admin account.

  4. No respect for the rules contained in purchased options, mainly the amount of active processes (ie if it is running more processes than purchased options).
    2 warnings, loss of account without refund.

  5. If the server fails the problem is reported to the server room, and your account is extended by the time offline.

  6. If the server is turned off by the server rooms, the losses are divided in half.
    Example: Account for $130 to work for half the period of subscription, the return should be $65, this amount is divided half, which will be refunded $32.50.

  7. Subscription period lasts 30 days.
    The fee for the next subscription period shall be credited to a day before the expiry of the old subscription. If you do not pay another subscription period is equal to the resignation of the account.

  8. Buying an account is a clear acceptance of the Rules!

  9. If you do not accept the Rules do not buy this Shell account!