Shell account

Shell account (or a shell), it is s meny usersr operating system mostly of Unix familly (eg Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris) for access to the services rendered by the Terminal server.

Remote working
In practice, it allows access to the remote console computer (usually via the telnet or SSH) and executed in the standard text mode commands. All programs are executed on the server provides the service and data entry, and bring the results is carried out by remote terminal, in which the user is working. Possible is also called. X forwarding, which can run programs that use X Window. The program is executed on the server side and the image displayed on the client side.

Access to your shell is dependent on the operating system, hardware parameters, and the rights and restrictions governed by an administrator.

Shell Account is usually the person to whom it is necessary to work in a company (for example, in the conduct of research, administration), or group projects. Then your application is dependent on the requirements of employers, heads the project. Thanks to the development of computing machines have become cheaper, people that an increase in the group of private servers. Most private servers are run by hobbyists - administrators, who can provide trusted shell account users. Accounts for private servers are commonly used in the IRC chat, and "placing" the so-called. IRC sessions - that is, run the client in such a way that can work in the background after logout. In practice, this means that you can stay on IRC for several days and sometimes months. You can also put a server to play.