FTP configuration


  1. Download FlashGet: http://www.flashget.com/index_en.htm.

  2. Install and run FlashGet.

  3. Click on Tools>Options... find tab Connections, and set:
    Max simultaneous job on 3, check (or uncheck) option: Stop download at over 99 tries but no files data received.

  4. 1

  5. Press OK.

  6. Click on Tools>Site Explorer window opens with the FTP address bar .

  7. In the address bar, type the address you received with the data to account, ie: ftp://123.2341.3534.67, on the right side of the Window is Login button, click on it and 2 text boxes USER and PASS will appear, enter there the received earlier data.

  8. 2

  9. Press ENTER.

  10. On the left side appeared directories (folders), click once on DOWNLOADS folder. In the main window (the large one, on the right) you will see your files.

  11. 3


  12. When files appeared in the main window select them all (Ctrl + A). Then press the right mouse button and click on Download, when Download window will appears click Save to... and show on the drive where your files should be save.

  13. The option Threads From main site set the value of 2.

  14. 4

  15. Click OK and the files begin downloading in the main window.